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“Podiatry (the modern name for Chiropody) deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the lower limbs, including nail and skin conditions.

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Penny is an experienced podiatrist who has worked extensively in the NHS using a wide variety of clinical skills. She treats a range of patient groups from children to the elderly with high-risk and chronic degenerative foot disorders.

Founder of Footwise Clinic

Penny has always been interested in how people move, having studied dance and then taught therapeutic movement in schools. She understands the biomechanics of the feet and her assessment will help to alleviate discomfort or potential deterioration of joints with effective treatments.

Core Qualifications:

  • BSc (Hons) Podiatry

  • MRCPod: Member of The Royal College of Podiatry

  • Registered with Health & Care Professions Council HCPC Registration Number: CH34277

  • POMs Annotation: qualified to supply designated prescription-only medication

  • Local Anaesthetics Annotation: licensed to administer designated local anaesthetic

Advanced/additional training:

  • Certificate in Verruca Needling

  • Training in Insole Prescribing

  • Diploma in Eurythmy Therapy

“Penny has an holistic approach to health care and takes time to discuss options that are best for you”

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Skin & Nail Care

Your foot health is discussed and we check whether things like your shoe fitting, foot shape or gait are causing skin or joint deterioration issues...

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Biomechanic Assessment

Using biomechanical assessment to determine the nature of your problem, an individual treatment plan is then devised with you, to keep you mobile and manage...

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Shoewear & Fitting

At Footwise Clinic we can assess your gait and prescribe insoles, carefully fitted to your feet, which provide daily comfort and support...

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit

Diabetes Care

With Diabetes, it is essential to monitor the health of your feet.

Significant deterioration may occur due to gradual reduction in blood supply and nerve function...

"Insoles will align your feet so that the impact on your joints is distributed and injury avoided"

Initial Consultation

Full assessment including medical history, consent forms and treatment - (required for all new patients before routine treatments can be carried out)

Adult -  £48 

Child (under 12) - £38

Routine Treatment 

Nails cut and filed.

Nail thickness and cuticles reduced.

Callus and corns treated


20 mins - £30 

30 mins - £38 (includes massage and cream)

40 mins - £50 (long treatment)

Verruca Treatments

Cryotherapy - £38

Debridement, salicylic acid + pad - £48

Biomechanics Assessment

Gait and shoewear assessment  

Exercise programme and demonstration - £48

Insole modification - from £12

Provision of insoles or orthotic devices will incur an individual cost that includes casting and fitting.

Ingrown Toenails

Gentle removal of spikes, packing + dressing 

including routine cut and file of all nails - £40

Fungal Toenails 

Thickened nails reduced, fungal growth removed.

Topical treatments and management plan devised

- Min 3 x 30 mins routine sessions normally needed

Home Visits

Initial Consultation - £58

Routine treatment 30 mins - £48

Retail Products

Footwise Clinic stocks a range of products for all your footcare needs. From insoles to heel balms, corn plasters and silicone toe protectors.

Missed Appointments

We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments and cancellations of less than 24 hours notice. Discretion may be given depending on circumstances.

Privacy Notice: In order to deliver healthcare treatment, it is a legal requirement to collect and process personal data. This data is stored for a number of years (which can vary depending upon the persons age and circumstances but will be for a minimum of 7 years). You can access all of the personal data that this organisation stores by request. We ask for permission to use your data to send to another healthcare practitioner, this will only be done with your consent. Any other use of your personal data will only occur with your informed consent.


"I now understand what's happening with my feet - they are so much better and I LOVE having them massaged" Mrs S


I’ve had three consultations with Penny. She is knowledgeable, friendly, competent and flexible. I’d recommend her highly.”

C. Rawlings

“Penny gave great treatment and advice that has improved my daily comfort "

“I go to Footwise Clinic because she's gentle and doesn't rush”

Mrs M

“Great service as always, thanks soo much”

G. Carloss

“Excellent treatment would highly recommend"

D. Ward

M. Byrne

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