Nail & Skin Care

Routine Chiropody

       Our thorough foot treatment includes:


  • Nail cutting & filing

  • Removal of corns & callus (hard skin)

  • Sanding/reduction of nails and skin for smoothness

  • Foot massage with soothing balm

  • Shoe fit check


Fungal Nail Infection

  • Often presents with thick, discoloured and loosened nails with underlying debris. Frequently accompanied by Athlete’s Foot

  • Our aim is to identify causes and devise a treatment plan that is easy to follow at home

  • Our treatment includes thinning and clearing the nail to expose the core of the infection and enable penetration of these treatments

  • Footwise Clinic retails a range of sprays, lacquers and natural oils


  • Warts on the sole or toes of the feet, caused by a weak virus that disrupts skin growth

  • Identifiable by small black dots (ruptured capilliaries) and pain when pressing the edges

  • Healing normally depends on a response from your immune system

  • Footwise Clinic has a range of acid or freezing treatments that can promote healing

  • Normally a short course of treatments is required

Ingrown Nails

  • 'Ingrown' nail occurs when a painful spike typically down the side of the nail becomes inflamed and infected.

  • Gently removing the nail spike, cleansing and 'packing' the area may sufficiently deal with the problem. 


  • If you are experiencing recurring ingrowth,
    we can perform nail surgery with local anaesthetic which generally provides a permanent and safe answer. 


  • We we carefully assess to ensure this minor surgical procedure is safe and suitable for you.