Diabetes Care

With Diabetes, it is essential to regularly monitor the health of your feet.


Significant deterioration may occur due to gradual reduction in blood supply and nerve function, which can in turn lead to vulnerability to infection, altered foot shape, pain, tissue damage and ulceration.


Diabetics qualify for NHS care but normally need to wait 12 weeks for non-acute podiatry appointments.  


If you are experiencing any foot pain, tissue breakdown, cracked heels or your nails are getting thick and long, it is important that you seek podiatry treatment to prevent the risk of infection.


NICE recommends a diabetic foot assessment every year. This is to check for nerve impairment (neuropathy). Penny will help you with choosing and fitting comfortable and protective shoes and discuss how to keep your feet safe.


“Always seek professional help if you have even mild skin damage – without treatment a blister can become an ulcer in a matter of hours when you are diabetic”

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