Footwear & Insoles

We advise patients to bring their shoes to clinic to check they fit well and are not creating potential problems.

It is surprising how often patients wear shoes that are exacerbating their foot problems.

Over time, our feet change shape. This may be due to an hereditary condition (bunion), an injury, operation, weight gain, degenerative joints or other disease. Your feet have to accommodate and support the numerous shifts in body load that occur.

"If you do high impact exercise it is a wise precaution to check the alignment of your lower limbs in order to deter joint erosion"

At Footwise Clinic we can assess your gait and prescribe insoles, carefully fitted to your feet, which provide daily comfort and support.

Retail Products

Footwise Clinic stocks a range of products for all your footcare needs. From insoles to heel balms, sprays, corn plasters and silicone toe protectors.